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A Byron Bay Beach Tent won't block your view or breeze.
Compact to carry and easy to set up in minutes

  • Highest Rated UPF50+ premium outdoor canvas 
  • Multiple Set Up Options | High & Low Sun
  • Anti Fade & Water repellent - easy clean
  • Compact Lightweight & travel friendly
  • Marine grade fixtures & Stainless Steel fasteners
  • Plenty of room for the whole Family
  • Internal pocket with lockable zip close
  • YKK Zips that wont jam in the sand
  • Lightweight Anti-Rust Aluminium Poles & Pole Holders
  • Tent canopy sheet - highest rated UPF 50+ Protection
  • Connected Ropes & Clips
  • Aluminium Upright Pole Holders
  • Aluminium Poles - lightweight / rust proof
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Sand Pegs
  • Mallet
  • Carry bag with instructions
  • Canvas Sheet | approx 11ft(330cm) long x (6ft)180cm wide
  • Carry Bag | approx 29'(75cm) long x 15'(38cm) wide x 4'(8cm) high
  • Pole Height | approx 6ft(180cm)
  • Kit Weight : approx 7lb4oz(3.5kg)

12 Month Warranty | Guaranteed Peace of Mind
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Can one person set-up a Byron Bay Beach Tent?

Yes definitely!
A lot of work & refinement has gone into every detail when designing the
Byron Bay Beach Tent to ensure that it can be set up as quickly & easily as
possible – particularly for a one person set up.
Our One-Person-Set-up-System includes no knots to tie, quick snap
connector poles, connected guy rope hooks etc that make is a breeze for
one person can set up the beach tent in minutes
Check out our full video & instructions for single person set up here.

Do Byron Bay Beach Tents provide UV protection?

Yes! This has been our #1 Priority when it comes to the Beach Tents.

All Byron Bay Beach Tent designs have been rigorously tested to the relevant Australian Standards for UPF rating.

Each Byron Bay Beach Tent was tested & rated at the highest level of UPF protection UPF50+.

Is it easy to Carry a Byron Bay Beach Shade?

Byron Bay Beach Shelters come in a carry bag that is compact & has been designed with beach goers in mind.

We know how many items are usually carried down for a long day at the Beach and that most hands are usually full.

Weighing in at only 3.5kg the Beach Tent can be carried simply in your hand, if all hands are full – go hands-free - over your shoulder, or even Backpack style (one strap over each shoulder).

Can I take my Byron Bay Beach Tent with me on my Holiday Flight?


A Byron Bay Beach Tent is one of the few Beach Shelters that will fit into your Holiday Suitcase.

With a length of only 65cm, the Beach Tent kit will easily fit into your Luggage for that next Beach getaway.

Can Byron Bay Beach Tents be set up on grass/lawn?


Whether you are heading off to the park, lake, or simply setting your Beach Tent up for Sun Protection in the backyard for the kids, there are no worries with setting your Tent up on the grass.

A set of 4 Camping Metal Tent Pegs from a camp store will be used instead of the Beach Pegs to ensure a sturdy Lawn Set up.

Is a Byron Bay Beach Tent Water Resistant?

It happens, a bright sunny day at the Beach can quickly turn dark with a passing shower.

The good news is that Byron Bay Beach Tents are water resistant.

With sturdy Aluminium Beach Tent Poles, and securely fix to the sand at 6 spots, your Byron Bay Beach Tent is the perfect dry sanctuary until that shower passes.

Can I pick up a Byron Bay Beach Tent from a Retailer?

Currently, Byron Bay Beach Life is an Online Retailer only.

If you are needing a Beach Tent in a hurry, we do offer Australia Post Express Delivery options at Check Out.

Already on Holiday? No worries just use your Accommodation address - most Express Deliveries only take a few days to reach Metro & Regional Areas.